Best Car Channels/Vloggers On YouTube

Do you have a plan for today? We propose one: sit in front of the computer and enjoy a few videos of cars. We will not do ‘autobombo’ (although we could because we have a good handful of interesting videos), but we recommend five Youtube channels to enjoy the cars:

car channels youtube

1. XCarfilms.

The best thing about this Youtube channel is the editing work of each video. The contents are very varied: tests of the latest super sports models, rally cars, interviews with relevant characters and trips. They also have room for the classics. Here is a sample:

2. Car Throttle

Ideal for their touches of English humor that they introduce between car and car. In the video that I show below gives you seven reasons why you should subscribe to your YouTube channel:

3. Jay Leno’s Garage

From this, we have taught you several examples in AUTOBILD.ES . Jay Leno is a famous presenter and a famous (and envied) collector of cars. They say that Jay Leno’s gajare has more than 150 cars, with them (and others who lend him for the occasion) makes one of the Youtube channels with more followers.

4. Petrolicius.

It is a very personal channel, because it is dedicated to telling stories of cars and their owners, but has a very intricate editing work behind each video. The only drawback is that it is English and sometimes you can miss part of the story, which is what matters. Look at this example:

5. The Smoking Tire

Here they test cars, whether standard or retouched and say what they think without care. Likes for that and also like because their videos do not have editing hours and transmit the sensations in a much more real way.

5 + 1: Autobild on Youtube:

Okay, I said that I was not going to do autobombo, but I can not miss the opportunity to remind you that AUTOBILD.ES also has a YouTube channel, where we upload our best videos.

And until our first compilation of Youtube channels to enjoy the cars. Of course, there are much more, so we promise more deliveries (if you want, of course).

How To Download YouTube Videos [2017]

According to statistics, on YouTube upload 300 minutes of video per minute , with this figure it is complicated that at least one or two videos are not interesting, so interesting to think of saving them to your hard drive, so it could happen.That’s why today we want to show you how to download a YouTube video quickly and very simply. There are many trending YouTube channels whose videos can entertain you whole day.

With over one billion users worldwide no one doubts the reign of YouTube within streaming video services. The platform created in 2005 by three former employees of PayPal  is now owned by the giant Google , and enjoys excellent health. Though downloading videos from YouTube is difficult, but if you’re into movie, you can download movies from 123movies very easily.

download youtube videos

Natively there is no tool to download YouTube videos so, as you will see in the video, there is no choice but to resort to third-party applications, among which Savefrom is, without a doubt, the one that offers the forms Easier to download a YouTube video.

Savefrom offers two alternatives to be able to download a YouTube video to your hard drive: the first one is ideal if you just want to download videos in a very punctual way; The second requires the installation of a browser extension and is more appropriate if your idea is to download videos from YouTube frequently.

Install the Savefrom extension in the browser will allow you to not only download videos from YouTube, but also other platforms like Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe or even Facebook.

You should note that downloading a YouTube video to your hard drive will lose many of the features of the native player , such as subtitles, quality selector and interactive options.

As you can see in our video tutorial, it has never been easier to download videos from YouTube . Now, it’s only necessary to put those videos that you like best, not to be erased accidentally …

As you have indicated many of you, the process to download videos from Youtube with in Windows has  changed slightly, since clicking on install will download an executable .EXE file instead of the extension file helper_last.crx.   

In order to follow the steps of the video without having to run the installer, you must go down to the end of the  installation page  – without clicking the Install button – there you will have the different links to be able to  download the extension files for different compatible browsers And continue with the process as indicated by our video in which we show you  how to download Youtube videos .